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About: Welcome

Everything Renewed is the baby of our family! After opening a private counseling practice, Wesley Morgan and his wife, Artina noticed the enthusiasm their children had to get involved in the "family business". While counseling is extremely specialized, learning to broaden your horizons and expand your thinking is something that anyone can do...including children. We wanted to create a space to use our families gifts to encourage and uplift others. So here we are!

About: About




Videographer, editor, designer

The "techy" of his family. He is a musician and an inventor. He loves to use his skills to create things that are useful and solve problems.
"My goal is to show young people that you can start NOW."



Blogger, Producer

Leilani is 11 and has a passion for social justice. She is an avid reader and also loves to write. She cares deeply about others and wants to do her part to create a better world. 

"My goal is to inspire youth to be RENEWED and powerful."



Problem Solver

Austin is an 8 year old who is full of energy and has a lot to say. He is full of wisdom. He speaks from the heart and always keeps it real.

"Sometimes people tell things that are not true. I want to help them find truth and give tips on how to work things out."



The Parents

Wesley & Artina have been married for 15 years. They have a heart for people and want to leave a legacy for their children's children! They hope to inspire other's while instilling values into their children that will inspire generations to come.

About: Team Members
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