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Here we are building community and changing perspectives to change lives! If you are reading this, you are likely familiar with having moments where you felt you needed to press the restart button.

Life can come at you fast! We have all probably had experiences that have left us kind of broken. How does one recover? Listen, nobody has life all figured out. We sure don’t. We all face challenges but one of the biggest challenges of all is our thoughts.

The truth is that there is nothing new under the sun and if we would just take the time to change the way in which we think, we will soon realize that we are not alone. That is why EVERYTHING RENEWED was created; to help your mind be RENEWED.

It is our mission is to tackle stigmas that limit us in our thinking. Our goal is to review various topics like mental health, financial literacy and family dynamics. We want to build a community that is breaking the stigmas and establishing RENEWED perspectives. That’s what we are about. Just an ordinary family tackling real-life issues. Are you ready?

Say it with us, “Start with the mind and EVERYTHING can be renewed”.

Start with the mind, and everything can
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The Everything Renewed Podcast offers information from some of the brightest minds this world has to offer. Most people suffer due to stigmas that paralyze their personal growth. Join Wesley Morgan, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and owner of Renewed Counseling Services PLLC as he engages in conversations that will help renew your mind.

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To ask a question of our kid problem solver or to make a suggestion, please email us at the address below or complete the contact form.

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