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Money Honey!!

What’s up, people?

Have you ever heard of stocks? That money-making resource? Do you like to make money? Is there something that you are saving up for?

This is no advertising writing piece, but I know that I like money, I like to save money, and a lot of people in the world do too.

So. Money. That’s the topic today.

There are some people out there who, once they get their hands on money, they are quick to go and spend it. There are others, who, once they get money, put it into a bank account or wallet and wait for the right time to spend it, or never spend it at all. I would say, and my family could tell you too, I’m the second kind of person. I always have up to 20-50 in my wallet, always have a good amount of money to spend on trips (but I’m very careful on what I buy. I’ll pass up a pretzel just because I wanna keep money.) Mostly, I spend my money on some sort of souvenir when we go on trips.

I’m happy to say that my family will be going to Disney World in Florida this summer. One of my favorite hobbies is dancing, and there is a Dance The World opportunity there, and my dance group will be joining. I’m super excited, and I’m already keeping all my chore money and leftover Christmas money for Disney because I know I will probably want a big stuffed animal, or just a nice, cold drink to enjoy in a long line in the hot sun.

Once I earn money, unlike my brothers, I carefully either put it in my wallet, or give it to my dad to put in my bank account.

Now, earlier, I mentioned Stocks.

Stocks is a great way to invest in businesses and companies, and then you own a part of that company, and receive money. There are lot’s of companies, like Apple, that people invest in. You can buy shares, the thing that you use to invest in that company, and if it does well, you will get money back.

Maybe I’m not explaining it well, but really it's a give and get back system, or that’s how I think of it.

Now. Why would I bring that up?


Stocks is a way to grow your money. As soon as you get money, you buy shares, and invest it in a company, and really you're getting more money to save.




Those two go hand in hand.

Why do I want to talk about money? Well, there’s always that thing that you want, right? Maybe it’s a phone, or AirPods, or a toy. Whatever it is, we want it. And money is really that thing that can get it. But, we have to be careful and not just spend it whenever we get it. My parents always say, Sow Some, Save Some, Spend Some.

The Three ‘S.

Get it?

If you divide your money into those three things, then you get some, you have some for later and you gave some, and that’s a good balance. Balance is a whole other thing. I don’t know. I’ve just been thinking about money, and saving lately, and I wanted to share that with you all.

I challenge you to write those Three ‘S on a sticky note or piece of paper, and stick it on your wallet, so whenever you go to get money, you are reminded on how to deal with it.

I hope you learned something.

God Bless,


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