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My New Favorite Thing!!

Hi alllllllllllll!

Today, I am going to talk about my favorite thing to start before school!

Not only will YOU maybe be trying it for the first time, but I will also! I just learned about it and it sounded like a great back to school project to enjoy as we all ease into the school year.


Wait for it………

A bullet journal!



I’ve seen this everywhere, everywhere! I started with gathering supplies. Markers, stickers, colored pencils, and my hand lettering book. Then I looked at some things that I want to put into it, like a page for lists, a weekly calendar, a page for my health, and so on!

The best part is being able to look through it and see all kinds of stickers and colorrs and even how much you’ve grown!

I always write lists. Especially in the summer when its hard to not be bored. I write a list the night before of the things I want to do the following day, and then th next day, I skip my way through the list. It might not always be fun, like I know I have to clean my room, or my bathroom or vacuum the living room and mop the kitchen-but it has to be done and if it isn’t its pushed to the next day.

The bullet journal just makes the list look more fun and creative! And all the other things you can add.

This would be good to start before school because it is important to keep up with what is happening at school-assignments, tests, and whatever you would like!

Have fun!


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