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New Things...

Hey ya’ll!

All of the debates are over, the ads on YouTube are finally gone, and all your mail is free of campaigning.

We have a new President. Things are going to change.

But I’m not here to talk about POLITICS.

Ha! I probably got you. You thought I was going to go on and on about change and Presidents and all that other stuff in your head, but no. I wanna talk about school.

Now you're probably groaning. School can be many things, in your opinion. Exhausting. Boring. Everlasting(or it sure does feel that way!) Or, Fun. Exciting. Educational(well, that’s true for both mindsets.) But school is different now. Things have changed.(There’s that word! Oops!)

You might be sitting in your room with a school or home computer with your classroom through the screen. Or you might be sitting at a distanced desk with a mask on and the teacher in front of you. Either way, it’s still those same words. Exhausting. Fun. Exciting. Boring. Educational. Everlasting. That part of school hasn’t changed.

But the way you're getting your education, the way you're raising your hand, the way your seeing your classroom has changed.

At my school in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we are very grateful to be able to have the option of being able to learn in the classroom, or learn online with technology provided. In person, the classrooms have distanced desks, plesky glass, and LOADS of hand sanitizer and wipes for cleaning. If you're online, each classroom has some sort of device where you can see the whiteboard or wherever your teacher is, access all assignments on a classroom-based app, and still follow the school schedule. Again, we are VERY blessed.

You might go to a school that is ALL online, or where you go to school in person on certain days of the week, or EVERYONE goes in person. Either way has something new to it. Something different. Something changed.

But here’s the question: Is this change good?

Let’s say it’s summer. Your family decides to spend the Saturday at the local beach. You get there, and suddenly it’s raining and you're freezing in your bathing suit. Is this change of plans good?

Well, of course NOT. The rain just ruined a fun-filled day at the beach! Who would want that?

What about this: It's dark and cold outside and you really want to go out there and try out your new firepit. You're disappointed, but your Mom tells you that you're going to a drive-in movie. Is this change of plans good?

In my opinion, I think this plan is pretty good. Even though you can’t do the firepit, you can still go to the movies which can be really fun. I mean, would you rather not do anything at all?

So now we understand. Things can change for the better, or, in your opinion, for the worst. So, my message for this month is to look at the good side of things, and school is only an example!

The good side to school is that you can still get an education. If you're in person, you can see your friends. If you're online, you don’t have to wear a mask all day!

So, I challenge you. In the beginning of your week or day, write down 5 or more good sides to a situation. It can be school, technology, family, masks, or just to whatever is going on in your life. For America it was the 2020 election, for the world its COVID-19 and justice. I don’t know where you live, but there’s always something topping the news.

Share your ideas of the good sides to things to your friends, family, or people who are just feeling down. This can really lift someone's spirits even in this rocky-road time.

That’s all I have for now, but make sure to check out the next post because there’s more stuff to be said.

God bless,


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