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Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Everything Renewed Kids Corner Blog! 

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

My name is Leilani. It means “heavenly flower” or “royalty”. Awesome name right? It is, and it’ll be perfect on my books!

Yes, that’s right, I’m writing my first book!!! Super excited! I love to read and write, so those skills will definitely be shown in these blogs.

Because I have so many passions for this, I was really excited to begin this new opportunity to inspire others to do so many things. That is another one of my passions. 

Interviews, writing tips, book recommendations, those are all things I would love to do with this blog! Twice a month, be sure to check out the Everything Renewed website for new posts. 

Even though this is just an intro, I’m want you to know that the next blog will be filled with fun things to read, try out and to just chill with. 

‘Till next time,

Leilani M.

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